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Welcome. Here you’ll find extra activities and info related to my book, Matilda Rescues the Robot, as well as some general resources about robotics for kids. This website is definitely a work in progress, there will be more soon.

Matilda Rescues the Robot cover

Click image for iBook for iPad version

My book, “Matilda Rescues the Robot“  is about a smart girl who likes to figure things out and solve problems for people. Or robots. It’s currently available for the iPad here. There’s also a version for Kindle and Nook. I’m working on the print version and expect it to be available end of April. This year.

I’ve been involved with kids and robots since 1993 when I co-founded KISS Institute for Practical Robotics along with my husband David Miller, and our friend Mark Slack. This nonprofit organization puts kids on the creative side of technology.

Kids who participate in our Botball program work as a team to design, program, build, document, test, rip apart, rebuild, reprogram, retest and run a pair of original robots in a tournament. But mostly they have fun and learn to work together as a team. Teachers get a hands-on workshop, and schools get to keep all the reusable equipment. Can’t help talking about it, I love it.

Matilda Rescues the Robot is the first of several children’s books I’ve written and it’s been a fun (but challenging) adventure learning to be creative with new technologies and exploring the various paths to publication. Still learning, lots more to go.


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  1. Jeannie Rhodes says:

    This is awesome! I love the links that allow me to move from Matilda’s world to robotics and Botball. The future is ours and it’s a good one!

    • It is! Kids are pretty smart. I know a lot of them who care very much about making the the world a better place and they’re starting to learn skills that will help them do that. It makes me optimistic.
      Thanks for your great comment!

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